3 Things You Might Not Expect on a Wyoming Antelope Hunt
Wyoming Antelope Hunt

Antelope are truly one of a kind. Found only here in North America, the pronghorn is an iconic species of the American west. Nothing is faster. Their eyesight is incredible. And their painted appearance makes them one of the most beautiful big game trophies.

Because they’re so unique, hunting antelope is often full of surprises for folks who haven’t hunted them before.

Pronghorn Hunting

Here are a few things you might not have expected if you’re looking forward to your first antelope hunt:

  1. Hunting Daytime Hours

The first thing that surprises most hunters is that we don’t have to be in the field before daylight. Rarely is this necessary on an antelope hunt. Unlike deer, which are active during the early and late hours of the day, antelope remain active during the middle of the day.

On most antelope hunts, you can expect to get started sometime after daylight. Antelope bucks are notoriously difficult to field judge. Daylight makes that task much easier for your guide.

It might seem like a luxury hunt – because it is! No other big game hunt allows you to sleep in at your hotel in town, begin hunting after daylight and then see lots of animals. Antelope hunting is truly one of the most fun western hunts.

  1. Nonstop Action

One of the things we love about antelope hunting is the numbers of animals we’re able to see every day. In this wide-open country, we can glass long distances and we will have the opportunity to watch good numbers of antelope.

Antelope hunting is as fun and action-packed as it gets for a western big game hunt. On our guided antelope hunts, you can expect to see plenty of antelope throughout the day. We hunt beautiful Wyoming ranches where we have exclusive access to unpressured animals.

As previously mentioned, antelope are tricky to judge on the hoof. So don’t be surprised if your guide isn’t ready to take off after the first buck you see. It sometimes takes a lot of looking before you and your guide determine a shooter buck.

Guided Antelope Hunt with Box Creek Outfitters

  1. They’re Different Than Anything You’ve Ever Hunted

Antelope aren’t just unique in their appearance. Their natural defenses and their behavior are also different from most other big game species.

Unlike elk and deer, which rely heavily on their nose, pronghorn rely on their excellent eyesight. That’s why they prefer being in open terrain. When we stalk antelope, it’s important to keep this in mind. Playing the wind takes a back seat to playing their line of sight.

Antelope are also unique in many of their other behaviors. At moments they can seem extremely skittish. While other times they seem unreasonably curious. The more time you spend around pronghorn, the more you’ll come to appreciate these cool animals.

Guided Antelope Hunts with Box Creek Outfitters

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