Archery Antelope Hunt

We begin hunting the 20th of August. Blinds are set up before hunters arrive on location. The guide will check on the hunter throughout the day by cell or 2-way radio throughout the day. Hunters will take a lunch into the field each day. Blinds will be accessed by four-wheel-drive. Archery antelope hunts are three (3) or five (5) day hunts.

Archery Antelope 3 Day Hunt: $1750

Archery Antelope 5 Day Hunt: $2000

Archery Antelope application dead line – Full Price: Jan. 3rd – May 31st
Hunt Area 26, 29,
License Type: 1*
1) Open Date: Aug. 20 | Apply For: 026-1 | Limitations: Any Antelope
2) Open Date: Aug. 20 | Apply For: 029-2 | Limitations: Any Antelope
Antelope: $326.00
Youth Antelope: $124
Special Antelope: $614.00
Application Fee $15.00
Preference Point Only: $30 Jul. 3rd – Oct. 31st
Preference Point Only Youth: $10 Jul. 3rd – Oct. 31st
Archery stamp: $72.00